DRY 600 Model Bio-Diesel Special Separator


Bio Diesel is a kind of clean fuel contains oxygen with good lubricating performance, safe storage and transportation and usage, excellent explosion proof; which could be biologic resolved as rebirth source; nonpoisonous, safe burning etc. Bio Diesel could be obtained by the technics of ester exchange centrifugal separation of vegetable oil and animal oil and wasted oil etc raw material.

DRY600 Bio Biodiesel Special Separator is designed and manufactured by the long term practical research and study on the basis of adopting international advanced Bio Diesel Separation technology, it is the improved model on the basis of DRY 530 Disc Separator and it adopts some key technology and necessary improvements according to the features and characters of Bio Diesel Separation, separation is more effective and satisfactory. And it is the sole special separation equipment for Bio Diesel production.

Technics procedure:

Rap oil and methanol produce continuous Methyl Esterification at the condition of existing of sodium hydroxide activator, which comes into water washing technics after two step methyl esterification.
The first step reaction is ongoing when methanol and activator are put into heated rap oil, and the fatty acid is methyl esterified partially. Rap oil is almost methyl esterified in this step, the generated mixtures of glycerin and methanol are brought out continuously. To separate stuff which is methyl esterfied partially with separator, and to obtain the mixtures of rap oil/ methyl esterification. The methanol and glycerin will be reclaimed at the next technics. Stuff is esterified further at the second step, which comes into methanol and activator. To separate the reactive two phases.
Remainder methanol in rap oil methyl esterification could be used in the technics by evaporation. Water washing is divided into twice, the first one adopts water washing, and the second one adopts acid water. To separate washing water with centrifuge. Rap oil methyl esterification by water washing passes vacuum dryer and heat exchange cooling.
Transesterification is equilibrium reaction. Equilibrium is ralated to reaction temperature and pressure and activator. This technics is also suitable for methyl esterification of other propagation oil.
Because the reaction is divided to two steps, generated glycerin each step will be centrifugal separated, the reaction degree of methyl esterification could be over 99%. The purity of generated RME is comparable with distilled fatty acid.


The bowl driven by the motor through the friction clutch spiral gear pair rotates around the main shaft at a high speed. Stock liquid flows into the bottom of bowl's wall through the bottom edge of disc seats and their holes in it. Solid material settles onto the inner surface wall of the bowl and forms into the residue by the centrifugal force field. Then the residue will be discharged manually after the machine stops. Light liquid flows along up the outer cone surfaces of discs to the main shaft center, passes through the light liquid centripetal pump and drains out of the light liquid outlet. Heavy liquid flows along the inner tapered surface of disc down to the bowl's wall and then passes through the heavy liquid centripetal pump and drains out the heavy liquid outlet.

DRY 600 Model Bio-Diesel Special Separator

Technical Parameter

Bowl Inner diameter: 530mm
Speed: 4150 rpm.
Separation Factor: 5000
Capacity: 10 cubic meter per hour.
Motor Power: 15kw
Dimensions: 1200*1100*1680mm