Centrifuge & Separator

The Centrifuges & Separators are suitable for the separation of liquid-solid suspension, separation of liquid-liquid emulsion or separation of liquid-liquid-solid. Its main kinds are three column centrifuge (the top discharge centrifuge, the bottom discharge centrifuge, the full-automatic bottom discharge centrifuge, the lifting bag centrifuge), the disc separator, the tubular separator, the starch centrifuge and the screw discharge centrifuge etc. Type SS600 and Type SS800 three column top discharge centrifuge won the prizes of province superior product and ministry superior product. The starch centrifuge won the third class prize of the National Science and Technology Progress and the prize of "Flying Dragon". DRY-500 disc separator won the prize of "science and Technology Achievement" by the National Pharmaceutical Administration and GQL-150 tubular separator won the prize of "Golden Eagle.

Glass lined Reactor

This glass lined Reactor is a pressure vessel, which its main body made from high quality carbon steel, is lined with special ciliate glass by fritting at a high temperature. It is irreplaceable with stainless steel, engineering plastic and other alloy steel under a certain medium and temperature at corrosion resistance. It is also indispensable and economic and good corrosion resistance equipment (for hydrolysis, neutralization, crystallization distillation evaporation and storage) in industries of production of pharmacy, chemicals, dyestuff, organic symthes, foodstuff, pesticide and defense. The corporation can manufacture various glass-lined reactor, storage tank, metric tank and distillation tank from 50L-20000L.

Bio-Diesel Special Separator

Bio-diesel is a kind of clean fuel contains oxygen with good lubricating performance, safe storage and transportation and usage, excellent explosion proof; which could be biologic resolved as rebirth source; nonpoisonous, safe burning. Bio-diesel could be obtained by the technics of ester exchange centrifugal separation of vegetable oil and animal oil and wasted oil etc raw material.

Cycloid reducer

It's has high loading capacity, stable and reliable running and low noise, and compact in structure, convenient to serve.
Power: 0.55kW-37kW
Speed ratio: 7.5-348: More reduction ratio i can be up to 106
Permitted Torque: 300Nm-8850Nm
Up to 92.5% for average efficiency.


Tablet Press

Single tablet press, Rotary tablet press, High speed tablet press.


Packaging Machinery

Blister Packaging Machine, Bag Packaging Machine, Tea Bag Packaging Machine, Sachet Packaging Machine, Labeling Machine, Filling and Sealing Machine, Capping / Capper Machine, Filling Machine, Cellophane Overwrapping Machine...


Our company As a specialized manfacturer and trading exporter of all kinds of tyres and tubes.The product cover radial tyres, inner tubes, motorcycle tryes, and relevant rubber production, etc. We consistanlty adhere to the principles " Quality is life"," Satisfaction is our objective ", and we will pay attention to proceed with this concept sequentially.



To satisfy the needs of customers, our company promote series of petty commodities toghether with cooperative companies. We can provide various products of high quality and competition in price, such as household items, office supplies, artwork, ornament, toys, plastic products, leatherware, clothes, gloves, sporting goods, flower series, stationery products, clocks, watches, pens, hardware, photo frames, underclothes and so on. Warmly welcome our old and new friends to contact us on the importing affairs for the petty commodities.


Series Lattice character display

1601A Series / 1601B Series / 1601C Series / 1601D Seires ...